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MaxShine Pump Foam Sprayer

MaxShine Pump Foam Sprayer

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Pump Foam Dispenser

Economical alternative for pre-washing and washing vehicles, replacing foam lances.

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Ideal for pre-washing your vehicle, this accessory offers an effective and economical alternative to a foam lance operated by a hydro-washer. Provides significant pre-wash solution savings, making it an efficient choice for preparing your vehicle before a full wash.

Product characteristics

  • No need for high pressure washers or foam lances
  • Portable, slim design so you can carry it in a tool bag
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Get a foam solution for pre-washing the exterior, cleaning wheels, upholstery and fabrics. Also very useful in the domestic environment.

Capacity:1.5 Liter


Instructions for use:

  1. Check that each dispenser component is properly placed and tightened.
  2. Pour approximately 1 liter of water into the reservoir, then add your favorite pre-wash detergent, approximately 100ml (may vary depending on the manufacturer).
  3. Place and firmly twist the top and shake to mix the solution correctly.
  4. Pressurize the dispenser by pumping the vertical handle 30 to 40 times.
  5. Enjoy foam, foam everywhere!

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