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Koch Chemie Spray Sealant “S0.02” 500ml - Sealant Spray

Koch Chemie Spray Sealant “S0.02” 500ml - Sealant Spray

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Protects and Improves Aesthetics

Koch Chemie Spray Sealant provides quick and easy finishing, creating high gloss and intensifying paint colors. Its application offers a velvety texture and waterproof effect, effectively repelling water.

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Koch Chemie Spray Sealant is an efficient sealing spray designed to provide a quick and easy finish, resulting in a high gloss surface. Its application gives the painting a velvety texture and visibly intensifies the colors. Built-in sealing components create a waterproof effect, effectively repelling water. This product offers a convenient solution to enhance the aesthetics of painting, providing not only shine but also remarkable color depth.

Product characteristics

Product action:Enhance shine and protect

Usage zones:Painted surfaces

Packaging:500 mL w/Sprayer


Usage areas:

  • Paintings


  1. Clean and dry the painting surface.
  2. Apply one or two sprays to a clean, dry paint surface.
  3. Do this component by component, dividing large areas.
  4. After a short evaporation time, wipe off all residue with a clean microfiber cloth.


  • Before use, check material compatibility
  • Don't let it dry
  • Do not wash your car with chemical products on the day you apply the product.

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