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Koch Chemie Reactivation Shampoo "Rs" 1L - Reactivation Shampoo

Koch Chemie Reactivation Shampoo "Rs" 1L - Reactivation Shampoo

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Cleans Exteriors and Reactivates Ceramics

Reactivation Shampoo is an acidic solution with intense foam that reactivates ceramic seals, combating hydrophilic dirt such as dust, limestone and salts. Removes impurities, reviving the dirt and water repellent properties of the ceramic coating for long-lasting performance.

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Reactivation Shampoo is an intensely foaming acidic solution designed to reactivate ceramic seals. Specially formulated to combat hydrophilic dirt, such as dust, limescale and salts, this shampoo efficiently removes impurities that compromise the easy-to-clean ability and hydrophobic effect of ceramic-sealed surfaces. Its acidic nature loosens and eliminates dirt, reviving the dirt and water repellent properties of the ceramic coating, ensuring long-lasting performance.

Product characteristics

Product action:Clean and reactivate coatings

Usage zones:Exteriors

pH:1.0 (acidic solution)

Packaging:1 liter


Usage areas:

  • Paintings
  • Glass
  • Exterior plastics


  1. Remove coarse dirt with an alkaline pre-cleaner and high-pressure washing before using the Reactivation Shampoo.
  2. Dilute the shampoo 1:200 (for hand washing, 50 ml to 10 liters) with water to reach a pH of 3.0.
  3. When using a foam cannon, adjust pre-dilution as needed.
  4. Wash the pre-cleaned and still damp vehicle with a washing sponge.
  5. Rinse the product completely to avoid stains.
  6. Dry off any residual water.


  • Don't let it dry
  • Use gloves when applying the product
  • Protect from frost and excessive heat
  • Before use, check material compatibility

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