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Koch Chemie Ceramic Allround C0.02 - Ceramic Coating

Koch Chemie Ceramic Allround C0.02 - Ceramic Coating

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Protects Painting

Ceramic Allround C0.02 is a durable ceramic coating that creates a highly hydrophobic, easy-to-clean and damage-resistant surface, contributing to the maintenance and appreciation of the vehicle.

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Ceramic Allround C0.02 ceramic is a ceramic coating that can be used on a variety of surfaces to provide long-lasting protection. The very thin protective layer permanently bonds to the surface through a chemical reaction, initiated by moisture in the air. Complete hardening is achieved after approximately nine days. Ceramic Allround C0.02 creates a very hydrophobic surface with advanced flow properties. The nature of the chemical properties makes the treated surface easy to clean by hand. The gloss finish obtained is maintained even after using acid and alkaline cleaning products. The final seal of the ceramic coating protects the paintwork against environmental influences such as UV radiation, road salt, bird droppings and rust film, as well as reducing mechanical damage, significantly contributing to maintaining or increasing the value of the vehicle. Depending on the load, the service life is 20-24 months. With double layer, the shelf life increases to 26-30 months.

Product characteristics

Product action:Protect and beautify

Usage Zones:Painted surfaces


  • 1 bottle of Ceramic Allround 75 mL
  • 1 microfiber cloth
  • 1 rectangular sponge applicator
  • 10x10cm microfiber wipes


Usage areas:

  • Painted surfaces


  1. Pre-wash the vehicle with an alkaline solution. For more difficult dirt, such as tree resin, rust or tar, use cleaning clay or specific products.
  2. Prepare the paint: Use heavy or light polishes, depending on the condition of the lacquer.
  3. Use a high-gloss polish to remove holograms and imperfections.
  4. Completely remove polishing residue.
  5. Clean all surfaces with silicone remover and wax to ensure the ceramic coating adheres.
  6. Apply the ceramic coating, with the included applicator, in sections, let dry and buff to an even finish.
  7. Check the finish and remove any raised spots.
  8. Allow to dry completely for at least 24 hours before washing the vehicle.
  9. After the first wash, consider applying a spray sealer or hand wax for added protection.
  10. For subsequent washing, use mild products and avoid products with extreme pH.
  11. Store the product properly and check crystallization before use.
  12. For maintenance, use special sealants after washing to preserve the ceramic coating.


  • Before use, check material compatibility

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