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CarPro MFX 500ml - Microfiber Detergent

CarPro MFX 500ml - Microfiber Detergent

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Microfiber Cleaner

CarPro's MFX solves the problem of dirty and saturated microfiber cloths, removing oils, waxes and dirt, restoring their performance. Removes the build-up of oils and chemicals, ensuring maximum efficiency of drying cloths.

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CarPro's MFX is designed to solve the problem of dirty, saturated microfiber cloths. This product is designed to remove oils, waxes and dirt from microfiber cloths, restoring their performance time and time again. Over time, microfiber cloths can lose their absorbency due to the build-up of oils, surfactants and drying aid chemicals. MFX removes this build-up, restoring maximum efficiency to your drying cloths.

Product characteristics


  • Developed to restore the qualities of micro fibers.
  • Removes oils, dirt, wax and light stains.
  • Compatible with machine washing.
  • Compatible with cleaning polishing pads.
  • Anti-static effect.


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