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CarPro CQuartz Skin 50ml - Ceramic Coating for PPF

CarPro CQuartz Skin 50ml - Ceramic Coating for PPF

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Protects PPF Protection Films

CQuartz Skin is a ceramic coating designed for a variety of surfaces, including paint protection films, vinyl and plastics. Provides UV protection, resistance to chemicals and environmental damage, as well as water and dirt repellency. It can be applied to matte or film-coated surfaces, and its removal is easy and without abrasives. Its application is simple in any climate, providing years of durability.

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CQuartz SKIN is a coating specially developed for application on a wide variety of paint protection films (PPF), vinyl films, transparent front protections and also on plastic trims, whether rigid or not.

Main features:

  1. UV Protection: CQuartz SKIN is formulated with powerful ultraviolet (UV) ray blockers, offering effective protection against sun damage. With particles resistant to UVA and UVB rays impregnated in the nanostructure of the coating, it provides the best possible protection for the applied films and plastic surfaces.
  2. Chemical and environmental resistance: In addition to UV protection, CQuartz SKIN offers resistance to most chemicals, salts and environmental damage, ensuring comprehensive protection for treated surfaces.
  3. Water and dirt repellency: This specialized coating provides incredible water and dirt repellency, keeping protected surfaces cleaner for longer.
  4. Resilient Durability: With an expected durability of years, CQuartz SKIN offers long-lasting protection for films and plastic surfaces, maintaining their appearance and integrity for a long period.
  5. Easy application and removal: CQuartz SKIN can be easily applied to properly prepared surfaces and also to surfaces coated with matte or satin films, when the correct instructions are followed. Furthermore, its formulation allows for simple removal without the need for abrasives in case of errors in application or the need for subsequent removal.

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