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CarPro Eraser 500ml - Oil and Grease Eliminator

CarPro Eraser 500ml - Oil and Grease Eliminator

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Removes Polishing Residue

CarPro's Eraser is a multifunctional cleaner that prepares surfaces for coatings, waxes or sealants, removing polishing residue and leaving windows stain-free.

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CarPro Eraser is a versatile cleaning product with multiple functions. Specifically developed to completely remove residue resulting from polishing and as a step immediately prior to the application of coatings, waxes or sealants. Its mixture of alcohol with a degreasing agent also makes Eraser an excellent glass cleaner, without leaving stains. In addition, it acts as a general degreaser and cleaning product in various situations. A final application to the tires leaves them cleaner than just washing and brushing.

Product characteristics


  • Eraser is an intensive cleaning agent developed to dissolve polishing oil particles and remove polish residue, preparing the painting surface to receive CQuartz.
  • When you wipe the cloth over the polished surface of the vehicle with the Eraser, you are completely removing oils, fillers and dust.
  • Subsequent application of CQuartz or another end product will have better adhesion creating long-lasting shine with optimal protection while giving the user peace of mind regarding the previous quality of the surface.
  • Eraser also has anti-static properties to resist dust once applied.
  • The surface will remain dust-free while you apply CQuartz, so you won't have to re-clean panel by panel.
  • The Eraser does not contain silicones and is completely safe to use in repainting environments.
  • Eraser has a pleasant odor which is not true for on-site blended IPAs.
  • Eraser is a step forward from IPA and goes beyond their capabilities.
  • Prepare your car for the application of CQuartz by "erasing" the oils and polish residue.
  • Due to the ingredients and mixing method, Eraser is also a fantastic glass cleaner and degreaser.
  • It leaves the surface of the glass stain-free with the additional benefit of making the surface anti-static, allowing the glass to remain clean for longer.

Packaging:500 mL w/Sprayer



  • Turn the cloth frequently as you clean the surface.

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