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CarPro CQuartz BlackOut 50ml

CarPro CQuartz BlackOut 50ml

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Protects and Beautifies Tires

CQUARTZ BlackOut provides a durable satin finish for unpainted tires, rubbers and plastics. Its unique polysiloxane and solvent-based acrylic resin technology is longer lasting than traditional tire dressings, providing UV protection and restoring shine to worn plastic parts.

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CQUARTZ BlackOut is formulated with polysiloxane technology combined with a solvent-based acrylic resin to create an extremely durable and stunning satin finish on unpainted tires, rubber and plastic materials. Its durability surpasses traditional tire dressings, and its low-intensity solvent base ensures a smooth application to tires, without leaving sticky residues common in silicone-based products. This unique formula also protects against rubber deterioration and UV rays, as well as restoring depth and shine to unpainted plastic parts that may have deteriorated over time.

Product characteristics


  • Abrasion resistant
  • Self-cleaning and hydrophobic effect
  • Resistant to salts and UV rays
  • Maintains satin black appearance
  • Low solvent content



  • Tires
  • Rubbers
  • Plastics

How to use:

  1. Wash the tires very well with MultiX.
  2. Dry very well!
  3. Shake well. Place a line of BlackOut on the tire applicator sponge.
  4. Work the layer over the surface of the tire sides.
  5. Let the coating dry for: 1h at 25°C or 2h at 15°C. We recommend using a fan or moving air to speed up curing time (particularly at cooler application temperatures).
  6. To apply a second layer, repeat the steps above.

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