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CarPro CQuartz Lite 150ml Kit - Ceramic Coating

CarPro CQuartz Lite 150ml Kit - Ceramic Coating

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  • Vaporize and remove or apply and remove (use an appropriate vaporizer if vaporized)
  • The fastest CQuartz to apply. Protection and high gloss with easy application for all detailers
  • Hybrid coating between SiO2 (ceramic) and TiO2 (titanium)
  • Easy maintenance with self-cleaning properties
  • Resistance to stains, dirt, loss of shine and environmental wear
  • Repels UV rays, water, oils, dirt and contaminants


  • Durability: 6 to 12 months
  • Medium thickness: 1 Micron
  • Coverage: 15ml to 50ml per layer, depending on application method
  • Water contact angle: 110º
  • Some micro-scratch filling ability
  • Recommended temperature for application: 5 to 35ºC

The Kit Includes:

  • 1 x CQuartz Lite 150ml
  • 2 x Micro fiber applicator
  • 1 x 2Face MF Cloth
  • 1 x 3M respiratory protection mask
  • 1 x Instruction manual


  1. Make sure the surface is clean and completely decontaminated. Use IronX, TarX and clays to ensure complete removal of contaminants.
  2. Use the Eraser to remove oils before applying CQuartz Lite. The surface must be cool and dry. You may choose to polish the surface with Essence or Reflect to create a high-level shine, before using the Eraser, or to ensure maximum durability.
  3. Apply 10 to 12 drops to the included applicator, spread over the surface with the applicator, evenly, in an area of ​​60 x 60 cm.
  4. Use the MF 2Face cloth to remove any excess and level the application. CQuartz Lite does not need to wait for the flash to be removed, it must be removed immediately. Check the surface carefully with appropriate lighting to detect any spots where the cloth was not wiped (excess product that was not leveled/removed). Note: for a short period of time following application, spots that were not removed immediately can be corrected by applying some more CQuartz Lite to those spots followed by their immediate removal/leveling.
  5. After the surface has been completely leveled and excess product has been removed, allow it to cure for 4 hours before any water or moisture can touch the surface. Any water on surfaces during the first 48 hours must be removed before drying to prevent water stains. We also recommend using Reload 1 hour after application to protect the surface from water marks during the first 48 hours.


  • As usual, nitrile gloves and a suitable face mask should be used.
  • If using the spray application method then facial/respiratory protection is imperative as well as isolation from surrounding objects.

CQuartz Lite - Quick and easy application of a ceramic coating!

Introducing CQuartz Lite, an incredibly easy-to-apply ceramic coating! Based on technology from the renowned CQuartz UK, "Lite" offers a durability of over 6 months as a single coating or can be used as a complement to CQuartz coatings.

Developed for users who want the benefits of CQuartz coatings but prefer a simpler application, CQuartz Lite offers ease of cleaning, resistance to insects, fuels, light solvents and UV rays, in addition to repelling water with a 110 degree contact angle .

Composed of a mixture of SiO2 and TiO2 particles, CQuartz Lite is an excellent option for professional detailers and enthusiasts looking to transition to ceramic coatings. It can be applied to various exterior surfaces of the vehicle, including paint, plastics, rims and glass (except windshield), in the same way as other Carpro products!

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